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Thursday, August 20


Challenges in Optimizing Job Scheduling On Mesos - Alex Gaudio, Sailthru
As a distributed systems kernel, Mesos solves complex scheduling problems. These problems include: Bin Packing of tasks given resource constraints; Dominant Resource Allocation to prioritize Framework offers; user-defined optimistic or pessimistic Scheduler algorithms. When job allocation stops working properly, we see Framework starvation, dead locks, underutilization and other issues. In this talk, Alex Gaudio will present a unique interpretation of task scheduling on Mesos. By drawing on his experiences building Mesos Frameworks and infrastructure for Sailthru's Data Science team, he will provide attendees with ways to fundamentally question how they use Mesos, and offer practical advice to improve sub-optimal usage patterns.

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Alex Gaudio

Senior Data Scientist and Engineer, Sailthru
Alex Gaudio is a Senior Data Scientist and Engineer at Sailthru, where he builds machine learning algorithms and distributed data pipelines on Mesos. He is the primary developer of Relay.Mesos, an intelligent auto-scaler for Mesos that functions like a thermostat. He also develops... Read More →

Thursday August 20, 2015 11:00am - 11:40am


The New Mesos HTTP API - Vinod Kone, Twitter, Isabel Jimenez, Mesosphere
The previous Mesos API provided language bindings (a.k.a. drivers) for frameworks to interact with Mesos. Framework developers don’t like dealing with dependencies in native libraries, and with Mesos’ new HTTP API, they no longer have to! In this session, (Vinod Kone, Technical Lead for Mesos at Twitter and Isabel Jimenez, Software Engineer at Mesosphere) will provide a comprehensive walk-through of recent advancements with the Mesos API, explaining the design rationale and highlighting specific improvements that simplify writing frameworks to Mesos. 

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Isabel Jimenez

Distributed systems engineer, Mesosphere
Isabel Jimenez is a Software Engineer at Mesosphere.

Vinod Kone

Vinod Kone is the Technical Lead for Mesos at Twitter. Vinod leads the Mesos team. Mesos is a fundamental component of Twitter's data center infrastructure powering a lot of its key services.

Thursday August 20, 2015 11:50am - 12:30pm


Heterogeneous Resource Scheduling Using Apache Mesos for Cloud Native Frameworks - Sharma Podila, Netflix
Netflix customers stream more than two billion hours of content each month, accounting for over a third of downstream Internet traffic. At this scale, real time insights are critical to a smooth streaming experience. Sharma Podila will present an in-depth look at the technology - including the Fenzo task scheduler for Apache Mesos and Mantis, a cloud native event stream processing platform - that Netflix uses to gain real time operational insights into system behavior. The talk will focus on the design and usability of Fenzo and will provide details on how it uses CPU, memory, and network bandwidth resources for job scheduling. The presentation will showcase bin packing, task locality, resource affinity, task constraints, and autoscaling of the slave cluster. To close Sharma will talk about future directions and opportunities to collaborate with the Mesos community.

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Sharma Podila

Senior Software Engineer, Netflix
Sharma Podila is a Senior Software Enginner in the Edge Engineering team at Netflix, Inc. His current work includes Fenzo, an open source generic scheduler with plugin based optimizations, developing cloud native Mesos frameworks, and evolving the microservices platform at Netfli... Read More →

Thursday August 20, 2015 2:00pm - 2:40pm


Crossing the Streams: Leveraging Kubernetes Services From Other Mesos Frameworks and Vice Versa - Timothy St. Clair, Red Hat
Kubernetes provides a declarative model in order to describe micro-services. However, auto-discovering those services outside of kubernetes requires add-ons. In this presentation we will explore how using the kubernetes framework and Mesos-DNS we can bridge the gap, and provide cluster wide service discovery.

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Timothy St. Clair

Principal Engineer, Red Hat
Timothy St. Clair is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat in the Emerging Technology office. He is a PMC member and committer to the Apache Mesos Project, and has worked on the development and integration of various open source distributed systems projects, including: Mesos, Kubernetes... Read More →

Thursday August 20, 2015 2:50pm - 3:30pm
Grand Ballroom C


Mesos Gets Pluggable: Introducing Mesos Modules - Kapil Arya, Mesosphere & Niklas Nielsen, Mesosphere
One of the most exciting new innovations is a simple, pluggable approach to building customizations for Mesos. This makes it as easy to extend or customize Mesos as it is to install plug-ins into your web browser. In this talk, (Niklas Nielsen and Kapil Arya, Distributed Systems Engineers at Mesosphere) will provide a technical introduction to Mesos Modules - the new way to customize Mesos without having to recompile / relink for each specific use case. They will demonstrate how to build and use Mesos Modules, including an example of how to write an allocator module for custom scheduling policies across a cluster. The presenters will also explain how Mesos Modules will help grow the ecosystem of developers building new features for Mesos. Customization will be one of strongest and most flexible attributes of the Mesos distributed systems kernel!

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Kapil Arya

Kapil Arya is an Engineer at Mesosphere focussing on the core team. He recently finished his PhD at Northeastern University where he was the lead developer of the open source distributed checkpointing project DMTCP, and contributed to the reversible debugger FReD. Interning at VMware... Read More →

Niklas Nielsen

Niklas Nielsen is an engineer at Mesosphere. He is a C++ hacker and is works on the Mesos core. Before joining Mesosphere he worked at Adobe on the Flash VM and Google V8, as well as a secret next-generation VM. He did his Master's thesis at Lawrence Livermore National Lab, working... Read More →

Thursday August 20, 2015 4:00pm - 4:40pm
Friday, August 21


Tactical Mesos: How Internet-Scale Ad Bidding Works on Mesos / Aurora - Dobromir Montauk, TellApart
Real Time Bidding on the large Internet exchanges (Doubleclick, Facebook, etc) requires large-scale, low-latency serving systems: >100K QPS at peak with <100ms tail response times. Time is very literally money. Dobromir will present TellApart's full stack in excruciating detail (if you want it), which includes Mesos/Aurora, ZK service discovery, Finagle-Mux RPC, and a Lambda architecture with Voldemort as the serving layer.


Dobromir Montauk

Software Engineer, Twitter
Nine years at Google, including work on Google+ Stream backend and Search Infrastructure. Recently joined TellApart as Uber Tech Lead working on infrastructure. In charge of TellApart bidding platform performance: >100K QPS with sub-10ms latencies. Optimized the Bidders to run at... Read More →

Friday August 21, 2015 1:30pm - 2:10pm
Grand Ballroom B